Frameless 3 Panel Swing Shower Door

$14.50$18.00 Per sq. ft.

Please choose how the door will swing based on the orientation of your bathroom.

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Similar to a 2 Panel Swing Shower Door but with a 90° return panel. Ideal for most shower pans or tiled curb designs that have room to accommodate a swinging door. Frameless design reduces the amount of hardware or metal to give a clean modern look. Our showers come standard with 10mm clear safety glass. Only premium quality hardware is used to guaranteed a corrosion free shower for years to come. All installations include industry specific mildew resistant silicone. We recommend Clearshield superhydrophobic coating to keep your glass easy to clean. With a 10 year warranty, Clearshield (hyperlink to clearshield hidden page) fills the pores of the glass to prevent water and soap staining  on your new shower glass.

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Hinged off Wall (10mm glass), Hinged of Return Panel (12mm glass), Hinged of Inline Fixed Panel (12mm glass)